WinjiGo connects instructors and learners and supports, both, instructor-led and non-formal learning activities. With leaderboards, assignments, discussions, interactive lessons and individual learning paths, the platform is a great way to tackle teaching space dynamics that can otherwise hold learners back.

WinjiGo has huge potential for helping students benefit from 21st century education – not just those who are already bright, capable and eager. That’s because it answers a vital challenge: how can technology be more than just a functional tool, and actually positively impact some of the emotional aspects of learning? These include social peer pressures, behavioral traits and demotivated students.

The award-winning platform has the potential to transform underprivileged societies around the world and deliver sustainable, quality education to children in distress due to armed conflict and natural disasters. Because it doesn’t require significant investment such as building schools, or time-consuming tasks such as waiting for skilled teachers; it can be implemented no matter when or where.