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SharePoint Vitals brings all the user site activity data you could ever want to your fingertips


SharePoint Vitals brings all the user site activity data you could ever want to your fingertips. SharePoint Analytics that can take days of manual data manipulation are now available when you need it. Vitals tracks your SharePoint users activity in real-time and pushes results to a clean and easily navigated cloud based interface.

With the available summary reporting, you can quickly identify your top users, sites and content along with problem areas such as slowest loading pages and users who frequently experience slow page load times. Vitals gives you SharePoint web analytics that can definitely help in cases of governance, user adoption, security and compliance.

Next time the business asks the who, what, when, where – you will have the answers!


Scheduled Reports – Get scheduled comparison SharePoint usage reports to show changes and overall user adoption stats emailed to you weekly and/or monthly.

Page Load Time – Understanding the user experience is important, and to do that you need to know how long it takes for the users to load a page. SharePoint Vitals takes this into account and captures all page load times.

Search Terms – See what users are searching for and when they searched for it to assist you with optimising your search settings and promote specific terms.

Cloud hosted – This helps remove the burden on your need to get more stuff to ensure you can run SharePoint Vitals. It’s easy to setup and manage and once its running you can forget about how the magic happens just know that it does.

Site and User Usage Stats – User History, Active Users, Visited Sites, Page Hits, Heat Map, Site Map and Top 10 dashboard reports all available in one click and provide a tailored fit for your requirements.

Detailed Usage Analytics – The whole idea behind SharePoint Vitals is getting to the details, to give you better insight as to how users are connecting with your site. SharePoint Vitals shows you every detail of the users experience from page load time to time on page and what location they accessed the site from. Armed with these details you will be able to better understand the users experience and improve your SharePoint site.


Real-time to All Time Uses and SharePoint Site Usage Stats – Access real time site hits from users right now or look back at All Time

Top 10 Dashboard – Show top 10 sites, users, pages, fastest users, slowest users from one dashboard

SharePoint Analytics for all versions – Works on SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online

SharePoint Site Map – Show all user SharePoint analytics in an easy to view site map

Geographical SharePoint Usage Map – Find out where users are accessing the SharePoint site from around the world


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